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    Katie Herzig's latest effort, Walk Through Walls, is a complex and cathartic set that fully delivers on the promise made by her previous offerings and it begs the question, “Where do you go from here?”

  • orlowskiband

    With his new album, Believer, Seattle's Kris Orlowski steps forward in two new directions. Listening to the depth and breadth of Believer, both points ring out loud and clear -- it's a solid collection of songs rendered in big sonic fashion.

  • cc

    With her new release, Flying Dream, Catie Curtis is on her own... in more ways than one. She parted from the label she's been with for the past nine years (Compass Records), as well as the wife she's been with for the past 17.

  • robby960

    Even though the singer/songwriter genre is chock full of amazingly talented artists, very few of them are as consistently wonderful as Robby Hecht. With his eponymous third release, he proves this fact yet again.

  • korby960

    If you aren't familiar with Korby Lenker, it's important to note that he is wildly talented, ever stylish, and proudly quirky. Those three traits run through everything he touches.

  • StVincentPromo

    Ever fresh and innovative, St. Vincent treads the path blazed by artists like David Byrne and P.J. Harvey. The path that is both eccentric and heartfelt, or, as Clark has described, “at the intersection of accessible and lunatic.”

  • nashville

    The real heart of Music City lies in the vast creative community that huddles together in East Nashville, on Elliston Place, and at Grimey's. They dig craft beer and strong coffee, good ideas and better bands.

  • sue960

    I have known the Bangles' Susanna Hoffs — aka Sue Hots — for round about 23 years. I can honestly say that she is as lovely inside and out as you would hope her to be, moving through the world with humility and kindness as her guides.

  • bcbig

    Recently, I was given a second go at Brandi Carlile... Wait. Let me rephrase that. I was offered a second opportunity to interview her regarding her latest album, Bear Creek.

  • rouse

    Since debuting in 1998 with Dressed Up Like Nebraska, singer/songwriter Josh Rouse has tread one of the least straightforward musical paths you can imagine. His early records were full of impressively solid and accessible tunes representative of his Midwestern roots.

Katie Herzig: Art’s Evolution and Expression

Posted on Apr 21, 2014 in Artist Interviews
Katie Herzig: Art’s Evolution and Expression

When she first started out, Katie Herzig was a guitar-slinging folk singer crafting heartfelt melodies filled with equal parts melancholy and optimism. Flash forward 10 years and, while the sentiments remain largely the same, the soundscapes in which they live have been altered dramatically. Pulsing drum loops, soaring synthesizers, and fuzzy bass lines provide the […]

Joan Osborne: Love and Hate

Posted on Apr 18, 2014 in Album Reviews
Joan Osborne: Love and Hate

As a singer, Joan Osborne has one of those voices (along with Susanna Hoffs, Bonnie Raitt, and Brandi Carlile) that makes any song she interprets that much better. Where she has sometimes struggled, though, has been in writing original compositions worthy of her considerable vocal prowess and in finding a musical style broad enough for […]

Five Questions: Kris Orlowski

Posted on Apr 16, 2014 in Artist Interviews
Five Questions: Kris Orlowski

With his new album, Believer, Seattle’s Kris Orlowski steps forward in two new directions. First, it’s a full-length record (after three EPs) and, second, he’s a band (not just a singer/songwriter). Listening to the depth and breadth of Believer, both points ring out loud and clear — it’s a solid collection of songs rendered in big sonic fashion.