• OK GO on the set of The Writing's On The Wall

    OK Go's videos are their calling cards, often over-shadowing the music itself. But, really, the two elements define and depend upon each other.

  • annie suit 960

    On Nostalgia, Annie Lennox summons her quiet strength and subtle persistence to embrace and inhabit the ghosts that continue to echo through each chorus and verse of these classic songs.

  • brucehornsby

    In an age when so many pop stars are auto-tuned, if not ghosted, Bruce Hornsby continues to challenge himself and his audiences -- something he's done for the better part of 30 years now.

  • Lisa Fischer_6274_(c)Djeneba Aduayom

    Watching Lisa Fischer perform, you can only conclude that she is a conduit of expression to and from another world. The experience is a spiritual one as much as it is a musical one.

  • buttersgtrbig

    Ten years ago, Butterfly Boucher made an impressive debut with Flutterby. Although the original recording sounds anything but dated, the new rendering feels more mature, more free, more spacious — a perfect reflection of the artist herself at this moment in her life.

  • sinead960

    As one of the clearest, most poignant voices Gen X has, even though Sinéad O'Connor's new album is a collection of love songs, there's an inherent urgency and a potency to the set that few other artists can match.

  • mipso color

    What is it about the big tent of roots music that calls and cultivates such poised young artists? Is it nature or nurture, nativism or empiricism at work here? Old souls or tabula rasas, grounded goals or collaborative community?

  • bensepia

    On his new album, Ben Glover retraces the lives of legends and the heart of history across two very different lands and he pulls it all together in a collection of songs that feels at once haunted and hopeful, gritty and grounded.

  • Linda Perry

    To call Linda Perry anything less than a Renaissance woman would miss the point. She's a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, engineer, record executive, philanthropist, and, now, reality TV star. But the whole of who she is is so much greater than the sum of all those parts.

  • 960

    From Mick Jagger to Joan Jett, rock stars are a distinct breed. They are all of the other archetypes rolled up into one irresistibly charismatic, implausibly appealing ball. If ever there was a box in which to put LP, that would be it.

  • bchat2

    Late last year, country songwriter Brandy Clark quietly released her debut album as an artist and a funny thing happened: People listened and loved it. Now, she's having herself a grand ole time out there.

  • franti

    When Michael Franti started his hip hop career, he probably had no idea that he would get to a point in life when he was doing yoga and singing dance tunes. He's come a long way, baby. And it's a journey that he is very happy to take.

  • Indigo-Girls-1

    Engaging while entertaining, Indigo Girls Emily Saliers and Amy Ray have always worked — and lived — at the intersection of art and activism, supporting myriad great causes and organizations.

  • joanos

    The potency of Joan Osborne's performances stems more from her knowing, from her well-worn heart, than from her voice alone. With that knowing in mind, I thought I would ask her for relationship advice.

  • 1077257_10151966184193772_55718580_o

    Katie Herzig's latest effort, Walk Through Walls, is a complex and cathartic set that fully delivers on the promise made by her previous offerings and it begs the question, “Where do you go from here?”

Joan Osborne Mesmerizes the Multitudes at City Winery

Posted on Oct 19, 2014 in Concert Reviews
Joan Osborne Mesmerizes the Multitudes at City Winery

Way back in August of 1995 (August 24, to be exact), I saw Joan Osborne perform for the first time. By the end of the opening song (“Pensacola,” to be specific), I was smitten. In the 19 years since that night in Boulder’s Fox Theatre, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Osborne perform more than […]

Creative Alchemy: An Interview with OK Go’s Damian Kulash

Posted on Oct 16, 2014 in Artist Interviews
Creative Alchemy: An Interview with OK Go’s Damian Kulash

Even if people don’t know the band’s name, somewhere north of 75 million of those people know “the guys from the treadmill video.” And that’s a creative cross Damian Kulash and his OK Go brethren are happy to carry. When the single-take treadmill dance to “Here It Goes Again” went viral in 2006, Kulash and […]

On the Shoulders of Giants: An Interview with Annie Lennox

Posted on Oct 11, 2014 in Artist Interviews
On the Shoulders of Giants: An Interview with Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox has always been bold, though never brash. Even in her early days as half of the Eurythmics, Lennox brought a strength and a persistence to the world that pop music had rarely known. But hers has always been a quieter strength, a subtler persistence that has become even more so as the decades […]

The Qualities of the Modern: An Interview with Bruce Hornsby

Posted on Oct 6, 2014 in Artist Interviews
The Qualities of the Modern: An Interview with Bruce Hornsby

In an age when so many pop stars are auto-tuned, if not ghosted, it is refreshing to see true musicians out there still striving for more, still pushing for better. Piano man Bruce Hornsby, even when he was riding high on the charts, has always challenged himself and his audiences. Before the drum groove and […]

Five Questions: Lori McKenna

Posted on Oct 4, 2014 in Artist Interviews
Five Questions: Lori McKenna

Singer/songwriter Lori McKenna has been releasing stunning records for just about 15 years now. Like stop-you-in-your-tracks stunning records, from Paper Wings and Halo, at first, on down to Numbered Doors, her latest. McKenna’s attention to the detail of her craft is both notable and laudable, and it’s the reason why Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Sara Evans, and others have […]

A Lesson and a Gift: An Interview with Lisa Fischer

Posted on Oct 2, 2014 in Artist Interviews
A Lesson and a Gift: An Interview with Lisa Fischer

Very few people can hold their own against the likes of talents as huge as Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Sting, Chris Botti, Luther Vandross, Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, and so many others. Singer Lisa Fischer can… and has… and will again. Featured as one of the voices in 20 Feet from Stardom in 2013 and a […]